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amoc coffee roastersA.M.O.C. - A Matter of Concrete
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High quality makes something an investment. In taste, experience or longevity. By product development, supplying high quality coffee, building long term relationships with suppliers and only settling for top-segment products.

In our roastery our goal is to get the best out of every bean.
There’s a Sovda color sorter to sort the coffee beans to perfection. A space designated for quality control. A tasting room. And there are dozens of ideas the future may bring.

We’re not trying to be saints, but we think further than a leaf on a label.


We like to think reasoned, future forward and quality driven. Defining our choices based on an unbiased blend of facts and individual taste. It’s not about assuming or following, it’s a matter of concrete decisions based on our vision and hard data.
It’s more than coffee.


We’re a specialty coffee roastery based in the Van Nelle Factory located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
The Van Nelle Factory once used to be the biggest coffee roastery in the country. It is quite rare to find a pre-WWII building in Rotterdam, let alone it being a coffee roastery, let alone one that is a listed UNESCO World Heritage monument.

After roasting for 65 years, in 1995 the last bean was roasted and production of the Van Nelle brand moved elsewhere.

But then we came 26 years later and reignited the tradition in a future forward path.

AMOC Jar: our AMOC jars are made from fully recyclable PET. They’re light-weight, which means not many resources are necessary for production. And most important: they are reusable for (almost) an eternity.