Badeta Amsterdam


Tomas and Joost – two friends on a mission. We believe that you don’t need a coffee obsession to enjoy a good cup of coffee: een knap bakkie pleur! Everyone has the right to responsible, special and above all: good quality coffee.  You can only expect the best from Badeta. We guarantee you that every link in the chain has put their love in the coffee; and you can taste it!

Around the equator begins the magic of a good cup of coffee; at the producer. On our travels we have come across several special people who have elevated the cultivation of coffee beans to a real Olympic sport. Together we look for the most special coffees, and we constantly work on improving and making production, transport, roasting and serving more sustainable.

Badeta originated from a rare formula; a close relationship with the producer, two coffee lovers, their own roastery and plenty of hospitality experience. This guarantees you a new favorite coffee roastery; Badeta!