Coffee Shots Amsterdam

In 2015 Coffee Shots was born to pursue the mission to provide Honest coffee for everyone! Honest for the coffee drinkers as well as for the coffee growers.

For the coffee growers…

We believe in a circular economy. Coffee farmers should benefit more than a marginal earning from their sales. Therefore we collect and donate 2% of our revenue to support a project at origin. These projects have the goal to improve the life of coffee growers and their communities, as well as the quality of their products. We believe that the farmers’ earnings can have a greater impact from this model rather than through expensive certifications like ‘fair trade’.

For the coffee drinkers…

Life is too short to drink bad coffee!  Specialty coffees are grown with care by small growers all over the world. Their products meet the highest standard qualities. In fact each coffee has different nuances influenced by country, region, microclimate, soil, farm, coffee varietal and cultivar, growing technique, harvesting methodologies and much more. 

We believe that a greater percentage of what the coffee drinker pays should be re-directed to the coffee growers’ communities rather than being directed to big retailers or covering expensive costs like marketing and trendy certifications like ‘fair trade’ which small coffee growers and consumers do not get the greatest advantage from. 

This way the coffee drinkers will be able to afford to purchase higher quality products for a more accessible price and the coffee growers can improve their life conditions and the quality of their products.