De Zeeuwse Branding

De Zeeuwse Branding© means 2 things in Dutch: the roast (of coffee) of Zeeland and the shoreline of Zeeland. Zeeland, meaning land of the sea, is a proud province in the Netherlands where the people value the waters and their heritage. A place where marine-life, beaches and the sea is felt all around.

De Zeeuwse Branding stands for quality, authenticity and traceability, where we keep in charge of the full chain, from farmer to cup to get you the best cup as possible.

Our coffees are bought without unnecessary brokering, making our coffees direct-trade or fair-chain. We only work with farmers that give special attention to working sustainable and harming the environment as little as possible.
Our coffee is roasted weekly and we supply all of our packaging with a roasting date to ensure freshness and quality. A roasting date is proof of freshness, when a ‘best-before’ date wouldn’t say anything about when the coffee was roasted.