Küp Coffee Amsterdam

This coffee journey started back in 2014 when coffee became the fuel of everyday’s life. Starting the day at 5AM required a morning kick and after visiting numerous cafés, we noticed that each café and the coffee they served set it apart from the others. The curiosity about what was behind these differences kickstarted the coffee journey of Küp Coffee.

Coffee also became some kind of a ritual whenever visiting a new city. Whether this was New York, Vienna, London, Bratislava, Berlin, Dubai or Amsterdam, stops at local roasteries and cafe’s serving specialty coffee from local roasters became pretty much mandatory.

Fast forward 7 years, countless küps of coffee, cupping sessions, different origins and roasting profiles, the idea of setting up a coffee brand became reality. 

Küp Coffee was founded with the mission to merge the uniqueness specialty coffee has to offer, while honoring the craft and hard work of coffee farmers across the globe through transparent fair compensation and long lasting relationships. By selecting unique coffees and roasting them carefully to highlight the distinctive taste profile, we make sure each cup results in a unique experience. Sourced sustainably and roasted with passion, Küp Coffee aims to bring world’s best coffees one step closer to you.