Zwarte Roes Hoorn


Founders of Zwarte Roes, coffee lovers, travel junkies, do-gooders and passionate about taste.

Our story began in 2015, when we left our jobs. We sold all our belongings and booked a one-way ticket to Sydney, Australia, each with only one large backpack. Back to basics in a trip around the world that lasted two years.

In Sydney we tasted the specialty coffee culture and in South America we experienced how heavy and intensive the process of growing, harvesting and processing coffee is. That was quite an eye opener!

How is it possible that we can buy a kilo of coffee in the Netherlands for a few euros? While it has to be picked, processed, shipped, roasted, packed and shipped by hand? Something isn't quite right here...

2017 Home again. With our last savings and all our experiences in our pocket, we have decided to do things radically differently. Looking for a combination of the ultimate taste experience, a fairer distribution of the result and our passion for the most beautiful travel stories. Then Zwarte Roes Specialty Coffee was born.

Specialty coffee of the highest quality, purchased at fair premiums, freshly roasted every week and packaged in our own roastery. We share the story behind our coffee and put the hard-working producers and our partners in the spotlight. We do this together, this is how it should be. Together with them we arrive at this ultimate product.

The deeper we delved into the world of coffee, the more we discovered how unfair things are.

We soon saw that coffee is a commodity (just like grain and oil) and the price is determined by the stock exchange. huh? This can't be true. A high-quality product is sold and purchased by trade back and forth for next to nothing. And sometimes as many as 20 different parties earn from these transactions. But time and again the farmers lose out.

That's how our dream came about. A fairer distribution in the chain, the unnecessary traders out and much better coffee!

Pay according to quality, not quantity. Do you know what happened then? The producers put even more love into the product, are even more sustainable and environmentally conscious, so that we get the very best end product.

Together with our importers, we look for the most beautiful, unroasted coffees in the world. We are not only interested in the coffee, but we are also curious about the stories of the producers behind these coffees.

Once a match is made, we purchase directly from these producers via our importer. We often know exactly what the importer earns, what the farmer earns, so we can calculate the sales price needed to be able to offer this product at a healthy margin.

We then roast this coffee weekly in our micro roastery in Hoorn and package and ship it daily with love.