How to select Your beans?

how to choose -

How to select Your beans?

How to choose YOUR beans out of the huge variety?

At @dutch_coffee_dealer we often receive the question “What to start from?”. Let me give you the simple algorithm and help you to navigate in the specialty coffee world.

1. Start from your brewing method. You prefer manual brewing (like filter coffee, chemex, aero press, French press)? Choose Filter Roast. If you have espresso machine at home - go for the Espresso roast. Roast type will maximise the beans performance

2. Want to be on the safe side? Choose the BLEND - mix of different beans, insuring balanced taste, prepared by the professionals. We do have great blends, loved by majority

3. If you want to experiment and explore - start with the next level, go for SINGLE ORIGIN. Here you have endless world of farmers and the countries. Ethiopia, Brazil, Rwanda, Peru, Indonesia…. Very general direction here: Africa is usually more acid and fruity, Latin America - more chocolate, nutty

4. Now, that you already have tried different coffees and you know the profile you like, you should experiment with different Processes: Washed, Natural, Fermented in the different conditions… you name it

☕️ NOT TO FORGET: your beans have to be responsibly sourced and freshly roasted! It makes coffee the Specialty Coffee