Stooker Specialty Coffee

We believe in Specialty Coffee. And we want you to experience the diversity and distinct flavours that Specialty Coffee has in it in your cup.

We want you to drink the cup of coffee you have never tasted before and give every link in the Specialty Coffee chain an honest piece of the pie.


We live for beautiful coffees. A green coffee bean has a whole range of flavors. For example, they can contain chocolate notes, have a sweet fruit flavor or be freshly sour.

Our goal is to let you taste those flavor characteristics. All the qualities that a green coffee bean contains, only really come into its own in your cup if you let the bean develop properly during the roasting process. In addition, good extraction during the brewing process is very important for the preparation of a really good cup of coffee. A healthy dose of interest in the product in combination with the right training and education are essential to master this extraction.