014 Ecuador Sidra

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This amazing coffee is one that we’ll drink all day.
Sticky caramel notes that reminds us of Werther’s Original with fruity flavours of plum and a subtle pink rose florality.

Guillermo Lomas is a young producer who is not put off by the risks coffee growing take. He was born in La Perla and has been working in this land from a very young age, therefore knowing the climate, the soils and the many tricks necessary to grow a healthy crop. Guillermo was introduced to coffee by his older brother, Fabian, also a coffee producer. It was in 2015 when Guillermo started plating coffee in Finca La Carolina in an area of 1 hectare. Now, the farm has expanded its production to 5 hectares.

The variety Sidra was developed in a coffee breeding station not very far away from Guillermo’s farm. It was originally thought that the Sidra was a hybrid between a Bourbon and a Typica, hence sometimes called ‘Bourbon Sidra’, but recent genetic testing points. In any case, this variety has acquired much popularity over the years for its sweet and exotic flavours.

The cherries were hand-picked in July 2021, carefully selected in flotation tanks to take the unripe cherries out. Then, the cherries are put into tanks where they are left to ferment overnight for 14 hours.

The next morning, the cherries are pulped and washed. The parchment coffee is then laid to dry on a concrete patio in the morning and taken inside polytunnels in the afternoon where it dries slowly for approximately 20 days.

When the humidity reaches 10%, the coffee is placed in GrainPro bags and taken to a dry and cool room where a final stage of stabilisation is done for 40 days.