Brazil Amantikir

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Tastes Like: Nectarine, Chocolate, White Grapes.
Roast: Light

A surprising natural from Brasil, lightly roasted for filter and slow coffee. The slightly acidic nectarine notes are completed by the deeply sweet, fresh, white grape notes. As you are used to from Brasils, you can taste some chocolate and nuts in the background. Super sweet and easy-going with a slight acidity.

By drinking this future-proof coffee, you contribute to improving the living conditions of the coffee producers and their children.

This coffee is named after the indigenous 'Tupi' name for the Mantiqueira Mountains area. Like previous coffees we have from this area, this coffee also has the PGI certificate for the special taste profile.


* Filter special, light roast
* Flavor profile: Nectarine, white grape, chocolate
* Process: Natural/em>
* Height: 1200 mtrs.
* SCA score: 85