Buenos Aires. Colombia

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Aroma: Strawberry jam • Dark chocolate • Hints of Tea

Origin: Brusealas - Huila , Colombia

Farm: Buenos Aires

Altitude: 1650

Producer: Nidia & Beto Narvaez

Variety: Pink Bourbon


  • 12 hours aerobic fermentation on cherry and then pulp it.
  • 40 hours anaerobic fermentation in tanks with water at controlled temperatures.
  • Washed and dried in 2 stages: The first is drying the coffee beans in a marquesina at high temperature for 24 hours. The second is drying at a low temperature in marquesinas for 30 days.

Meet the producer

Nidia and her husband Beto Narvaez own Finca Buenos Aires, with 5 hectares dedicated to Pink Bourbon trees.

Despite the challenges to cultivate it with consistency and its meticulous plant maintenance, Nidia talks with great respect towards Pink Bourbon Varietal, she explains that it became very popular due to its resistance to rust, it’s good yield, as well as its sweetness, complex, crisp acidity and floral taste.

The huge demand has inspired her to become a specialist on it, winning different national awards and becoming a very influential Pink Bourbon producer in the zone.

Besides, this duo feel great passion for specialty practices, at their farm they have built a brand new Marquesina where producers in the area can benefit from. Becoming experts at sun drying they have encouraged many others to improve processing techniques.