Burundi Nemba - Filter

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Burundi Nemba natural

Every now and then real pearls of coffee pass by from small Burundi. Our Burundi Nemba comes from the Kayanza region in the north of the country. After picking, the coffee cherries are left to dry on large patios. The prolonged exposure to the African sun provides the distinctly sweet notes in this coffee. That's because the coffee bean absorbs all the sweetness from its dried-in outer husk. This processing method is also called natural or unwashed .

This coffee was exported from the Nemba washing station by GreenCo Coffee. And due to the careful work of Sucafina Specialty, we can roast this coffee at Spot On coffeeroasters in Amsterdam. We work with partners who ensure that the coffee farmer receives a more than fair price for his coffee.

This coffee works best as a filter coffee.