Pink Blossom - Colombia

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This Pink Bourbon Honey from Juliana Guevara is very elegant with delicious grapefruit, rose hips, cherry blossom and lychee aromas.

TASTING NOTES: Grapefruit, Lychee, Rose Hips, Cherry Blossom

For this coffee, the cherries were fermented in tanks for 24hrs, pulping is then done dry - keeping as much mucilage as possible on the bean to enhance the natural sweetness of her Pink Bourbon. After a 60hr 2nd fermentation the beans are sun dried in Marquesinas for 20 days. Juliana has been implementing organic farming practices. Developing a production of coffee free of agrochemical material, implementing agroecological practices that contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment.

Honey, Pink Bourbon
Altitude of 1700M