El Salvador. El Cipres

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The coffee is picked and separated before it is delivered to the El Borbollon mill located in Santa Ana where it is pulped on arrival, the cherries are emptied into tanks and water is used to move the cherries up a pump and into a depulper to remove the skin of the cherry from the beans. The beans are then moved in channels to fermentation tanks where they will rest for 13 to 15 hours and naturally present bacteria and microbes break down the sugars and alcohols in the mucilage of the bean. They are then washed again before being transported to the drying patio where they are then dried for a period of 8-10 days.

TASTING NOTES: Red plum, Blood Orange, Caramel

REGION: El Salvador, San Salvador, El Pepeton

FARM: Alvarez Family

VARIETY: Red Bourbon

ALTITUDE: 1100-1800 masl

PROCESS: washed