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ORIGIN - Ethiopia
REGION - Kochere, Yirgacheffe
ALTITUDE - 1850 to 2100 m.
VARIETY - indigenous, Kurume
PROCESS - Washed
FLAVOR - Bergamot, Jasmin & Peach

Reko literally means challenge. This coffee owes its name to the mountain it grows on, which peaks high above the hills and can be seen from far throughout the Kochere region, which is located in the district of Yirgacheffe in Southern Ethiopia. As much as it is a challenge to climb mount Reko, the same counts when it comes to cultivating coffee on it. 

The high altitude has a strong positive influence on its flavor and provides it with a clean and acidic smoothness. Typical for the region are its bergamot, jasmine and peach notes. Magnificent as a filter coffee and robust as an espresso.

On the foot of Reko mountain, the washing station is situated where local farmers come to sell their beans. Reko is not grown by one producer or on a single plantation. Many small producers sell their harvest to the washing station, where the coffee is processed. The Reko washing station is managed by Masreshu Sima, who trades it to Tesi Coffee – an organisation that generates attention for specialty coffees - led by Faysel A. Yonis, who trades it with Trabocca, which imports it to the Netherlands and delivers it to our door for roasting.

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that several parties can benefit from this chain of trade, consequently creating a positive effect on the Ethiopian economy.