Indonesia Frinsa Estate

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Wildan Mustofa and his wife Atieq started their first coffee project in Sindangkerta in 2010. This later became the main growing area of his current farm, Java Frinsa Estate. With the majority of Indonesian producers going for the traditional wet hulled process, Wildan put all his time in fully washed process with a focus on quality and social and economic impact for the community. This approach also benefits the water conservation and reforestation on the long term.

Frinsa Estate has its own wetmill, dry mill and a ventilated storage space. This means they are in full control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting and shipment. All this combined gives Wildan a solid position for the consistent production of a full range of quality coffee.

This lot is one of his experimental processes. First the coffee is dried as a natural until they reach a moisture content of 25-30%. At this point a lactic culture was added to the cherries and sealed off for 36 hours fermentation. Then the drying is finished on raised beds.


Country | Indonesia

Region | Sunda

Producer | Frinsa Estate

Variety | Ateng, Borbor

Process | EF Lactic Natural

Brew Guide

The V60 brews a tasty “clean” coffee. This is a recipe for one cup and can be brewed with the 01 and 02 size brewer.

16 grams of coffee (filter grind)
250 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees °C)