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Are you someone who likes dark roast, full bodied, strong coffee?
Wind force 6 isn't fierce enough for you?
We have not forgotten you either.

For this coffee we pushed the boundaries of the surf, a surf where the coast guard raises the red flag, but you still dare to take a dip.

Whirlwind is perfect for those who want “strong coffee”.
That moment when after your first sip of coffee you think: “So. I can do it again! ”.
This is the specialty coffee version of it.

The beans we used are a direct collaboration with the Argote family in Colombia and the Karana Washing Station in Indonesia.

We've worked with Juan Pablo Argote before, but this time the coffee comes from his father Efrain's farm. We also worked for our East Wind together with Edi & Rodney from the Karana Washing Station, but this time we opted for a different bean that better matches Wervelwind.

Fair, traceable and transparent partnerships, from farmer to branding.
Whirlwind tastes best from a fully automatic machine, but can also be used as a strong filter coffee or strong espresso.
Robust & Unruly