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Guji – A complex classic
Gash Duba – Mekadu, Guji, Ethiopia— Natural

Expect a classic Guji Natural processed coffee. Clean, winey, strawberries and floral notes of lavender.

Anyone working in coffee probably has had a Natural Ethiopian coffee one day and was blown away by it. You rarely hear someone not liking the sweet winey clean taste of Natural processed Ethiopian coffee when they tried it for the first time.

The Guji region of southern Ethiopia is a remote place, beautifully forested and – in many ways – an untouched area of the country.In general, coffees from this region offer a balanced and pleasingly complex cup profile –perfect for both filter and espresso.
However, the Guji landscape is diverse and some areas are higher than others, others are more forested than others, and there are quite a few microclimates in the region.
All this means that coffee grown in the Guji region can have very different flavour profiles if it comes from different farms or areas, even within the same region.

Around 30km from the nearest town Shakiso, the farm and station Duba is located . This beautiful200 hectare farm and processing station is located in the village Mekadu on an altitude of 1800-2100 MASL. Every year in November and December 600+ workers handpick these organic produced red cherries.

Gash Duba is the main chief of the team at the farm and station. He is loved by the local community. With an heart for the future of our next generation, the quality of coffee ,Gash Duba believes in the systematic approach of our Partner Bette Buna: Fair wages and circumstances for all of our workers, free agricultural trainings for the co-farmers in the area and encouraging entrepreneurship for youth to increase the alternative incomes in the region.