Aquiares. Costa Rica

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Aroma: Pomegranate • Red Grape • Dark Chocolate • Honeycomb

Origin: Aquiares - Turrialba, Costa Rica
Farm: Aquiares Estate
Altitude: 1200 m
Producer: Diego Robelo
Variety: Centroamericano H1
Process: Natural


  • All Aquiares coffee is picked by hand and floaters beans are removed to ensure consistent high quality.
  • In the natural process – No pulp is detached from the bean and this is how the traces of the alcohols and sugars that make up the cherry fruit are preserved.
  • Sun-drying: 2 days pre-drying in ceramic floor, 10 days African raised bed (in 28oC – 45oC range) and a final mechanical drying in Guardiola for 1 day.
  • The parchment is removed as a final step and the beans are sorted by size, weight, density and color, before they are bagged for export

This coffee have been roasted in a medium level for all filter brew methods, including Pour Over, Plunger and Aeropress.