Chelbesa. Ethiopia

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Inclusief belasting.

Aroma: Caramel • Soft peach • Grapefruit • Black tea








Danche Chelbesa is a certified organic washing station located in the Gedeb region of the Yirgacheffe Territory, where the cherries are carefully purchased and processed from 313 farmers who produce good yields thanks to fertile soil and good cultivation methods. Girum Assefa, is the person in charge of the management and good care of the processes at the station.

This is an incredible coffee managed by SNAP COFFEE, an export company founded by Negussie Debela, who is known for his success in the computer/digital industries before coffee.

Today they work together with a community of small farmers who live near the washing station, in order to contribute to the growth and development of the region through support and financing in infrastructure, facilities, materials and among other things that allow them to improve their future.

Yirgacheffe is considered by many to be the birthplace of coffee and a thriving region today, as it has the ideal topography, elevation, and water sources to produce and process exceptional native varieties that give a cup of coffee recognized for its sweetness.