Colombia Giraldo

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Inclusief belasting.

Tastes Like: Chocolate, Caramel, Red Fruit.
Roast: Medium+

This single-origin medium+ roast from Giraldo, Colombia is an ode to the start of Zwarte Roes. This is how it all started at the end of 2017 and how we believe an espresso should be. This washed Colombia provides a clean coffee with a strong body that holds its own neat or with milk. Full of notes of chocolate and red fruit in the aftertaste that you can still taste hours later and you know why you got out of bed.

By drinking this future-proof coffee , you contribute to improving the living conditions of the coffee producers and their children.

Want to know more about the story of this coffee and the impact on the community in an old FARC area?


* Single origin, medium+ roast
* Flavor profile: Caramel, Chocolate, Red fruit.
* Process: Washed
* Altitude: 1750-2100 mtrs.
* SCA score: 83.5