El Salvador Divisadero

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On our trips to El Salvador we always visit Mauricio (Moe) Salaverria. His group of farms is situated close to the town of Ataco in a very beautiful region of El Salvador. Planted in the years 1880-1890, this 24-hectare farm has belonged to the Salaverria family since that time and produces many varieties. Mauricio has a very high level of expertise which allows him to supply a very wide range of coffees, he skilfully juggles with the different varieties and processes.

Mauricio named this process ‘The Pineapple Natural Process’. It is a long shade-dried process inspired by the different types of fermentation in a brewery. Mauricio has developed this “recipe” to boost the tropical flavour profile of this coffee. The Pineapple Natural is a lot that dries under shade on raised beds for nearly 30 days whilst a traditional natural coffee will dry for 10 to 15 days. The team makes sure the coffee is stirred regularly for an even dry, time does the rest.


Country | El Salvador

Region | Ataco

Producer | Divisadero

Variety | Bourbon

Process | Natural

Brew Guide

The V60 brews a tasty “clean” coffee. This is a recipe for one cup and can be brewed with the 01 and 02 size brewer.

16 grams of coffee (filter grind)
250 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees °C)