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Expect a silky soft cup with hints of black tea, strawberry and vanilla.

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti: a new African pearl from our collection. This bean from Ethiopia is named after the washing station of the Roba Farm. This coffee plantation from the Yirgacheffe region is run by the Roba brothers: Kefyalew, Bekele and Tesfaye. Father Roba and mother Beratu taught their sons from an early age how to grow and harvest quality coffee. The result is a strong bond with the coffee plant. Each brother has completed a study that ultimately contributes to the quality of the coffee.

Ethiopia Banko Gotiti
Because the Robas have their own washing station, there is more control over the entire process during the harvest. From picking to packing and preparing for transport. The Roba brothers use the water from the Banko and Raku rivers to ferment and wash their coffee. The coffee knowledge and cooperation that comes naturally with the brothers can be tasted in your cup.

Roaster tip:
Think of these delicious beans from the Roba brothers as a classic Yirgacheffe. The sweet spicy and mostly floral tones require a coarse grind and are ideal for a quick sprint in your V60 , Kalita or Moccamaster . Tip: put it a little less hot than you are used to and you will be rewarded with a silky soft mouthfeel. If you like iced tea, the Ethiopia Banko Gotiti can also be enjoyed cold.

REGION Yirgacheffe
VARIETY heirloom
HEIGHT 1,900 – 2,500 m.