Fiets koffie

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Koffie Klub – freshly roasted coffee by Frans de Grebber with packaging designed by Drip For Drip – comes with Fiets Koffie: a sweet, dark roasted coffee that is perfect before, during or after a ride on a road bike, touring bike, mountain bike, gravel bike, in short: Coffee for cycling enthusiasts. 

With a strong caffeine content and a blend that emphasizes a bean from Colombia (the country of the famous climbers, after all), this coffee is just as important a part of your equipment as your helmet, bicycle pump, energy bars and saddle cream. The taste is complemented by a firm Brazilian bean, an earthy bean from Uganda and a sweet bean with a lot of notes from Sumatra. The Bicycle coffee from Drip For Drip Koffie Klub is suitable for both espresso and filter machines. Have fun cycling!