GUATEMALA. Jesus Pablo

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ORIGIN - Guatemala
REGION - Huehuetenango
FARM - Quejna
ALTITUDE - 1700 - 18000m.
VARIETY - Caturra, Pache
PROCESS - Washed
FLAVOR - Poached Pear, Red Grape, Cookie Dough

Araceli was taught by her father from a young age how to cultivate coffee. So when she had been given a small plot of land by her father, she decided to continue producing coffee.

Her small plot of land is located a long way from the house she is living in with her parents and siblings, so she is de pulping the coffee at the parcel right after picking. The benefit of this is a very clean coffee and being able to spread the pulp on to the ground where the coffee trees grow as a organic fertilizer. 

After de pulping the coffee is transported in buckets to the wet mill located near the house at 2000m. and is fermented for 24 to 32 hours. After that the coffee is washed, and dried out in the sun for about four days. Mind you, the family is turning over the coffee every hour to ensure evenly drying. 

 “As a woman coffee grower, sometimes it’s more complicated to do all the activities needed to produce the coffee. But my family helps me and that’s how we’re able to keep up with the coffee farms. The biggest difficulty is the distance between our home and this parcel of land; the costs of production are higher for us due to this distance. In spite of this, we are still working to improve our coffee and offer a high quality product.” 

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.