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Inclusief belasting.

Expect tones of speculoos, allspice and molasses in your espresso.

For many people, Indonesian coffee is always the odd one out. That's because our coffee frame of reference is primarily based on Central American and East African flavor notes. New flavors and aromas sometimes require a little more understanding from the drinker; if you taste it slowly, you will discover the deep, sweet character of Indonesian coffee.

Indonesian coffee often has a ' you hate it or you love it ' character, with few people falling in between. In any case, we like to challenge you to expand your taste palette. Try it and find out what you think.

REGION Sumatra
PROCESS Gilling Basah
VARIETY Catimor, Bourbon
HEIGHT 1,300 – 1,500m

Indonesia Mandheling – tip of the burner

Our findings about the Indonesia Mandheling: this bean needs an enormous amount of time after roasting to rest and to continue its flavor development. A week after the burn date, we still taste a lot of wild, earthy tones. While two weeks after the burn date, we discover deep sweet notes. Therefore, pay close attention to when your coffee beans are roasted. In any case, our tip is to give the coffee some rest first.