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The Kenya Endebess Estate is a natural processed bean and a real pearl that will radiate from your cup like filter coffee! Expect notes of nectarine, caramel and dried plum in your cup.

Kenyan coffees are known for their full body, high acidity and intense aromas. The flavors vary subtly from region to region, but the unique combination of berry notes, fruit acids and rich structures always prevails. Because of these exceptional aspects, we prefer to drink this Kenya as filter coffee, but an espresso would certainly not look out of place.

Endebess Estate

The Kenya Endebess Estate is owned by Kaitet Plantations. It is nice to see that the well-being of their employees and also social responsibility are of paramount importance. Together, they funded more than 15 home renovations and sponsored two high schools last year. Endebess Estate hopes to expand its social responsibility program once they become more profitable.


REGION: Northern Rift Valley
PROCESS: natural
VARIETY: Batian, SL34
HEIGHT 1,750 – 1,950