Nonna Anna. Costa Rica

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Aroma: Red berries • Milk chocolate • Nutty aromas

Origin: Santa Cruz - Turrialba, Costa Rica

Farm: Nonna Anna

Altitude: 1500m

Producer: Rossana Lok & Pedro Ferreira

Variety:  Micro – Lot of Red Obata

Process: Black Honey. The cherry peel is removed, but some amount of the fleshy inside, the “mucilage”, remains while the beans are dried on marquesinas (drying bed)

Meet the producer

Rossana Lok and Pedro Ferreira grown this coffee on their 3 hectare farm in Costa Rica, which surrounds the guayabo lodge hotel. Their crops grown within a natural shaded area that protects the coffee harvest and gives a habitat for birds and insects which pollinates the surrounding plants.

Most of the picking and processing is done together with the employees of the Guayabo Lodge hotel, which contributes to the economy of the region since they mainly hire people from the local community of Santa Cruz.

They have a strong focus on high-quality and that is why they work only with a micro-lot of a single variety, which is resistant to leaf rust and was developed in Brazil using a Timor hybrid and Villa Sarchi, and is now commonly planted in Central America.

It is a coffee that not only has exceptional flavour attributes, but also excellent performance and resistance to diseases, which guarantees an excellent cup.