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Smooth Operator is Küp Coffee’s first signature blend, which brings the best of both worlds together. Whether this is your morning kick, or a post-lunch espresso, we have had an all-round smoothness and superior taste in mind during every single step of creating the blend and the roast profile.

Smooth operator is a Brazil/Colombia blend, which offers a unique taste palette and brings each of the two origins’ notes. The different altitudes of the coffee and their processing creates a perfectly balanced cup, which works great in both espresso shots, as well as milky coffees.

Where does Smooth Operator come from?
Country: Brazil/Colombia
Bean sort: Arabica
Altitude: 900 (Brazil), 1900 (Colombia)

What we taste: Sweet, Round, Milk Chocolate, Hints of Dried Fruit and Citrus Fruit
Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Cupping Score: 84