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The Dutch first brought coffee plants to the Dutch East Indies and than in was spread around.

Silky, rich, earthy, spicy, savory, and wild are the words most commonly used to describe Southeast Asia’s extraordinary arabica coffees. Spanning multiple bodies of water and countless, soaring volcanic mountain ranges, Asia’s dramatic climate and unadulterated old growth forests provide wonderful growing conditions for coffee.

Set contains 3 packs of coffees beans, 250gr each:

Ho Hwayt, Myanmar from ZWARTE ROES

AROMA: Tamarind, Floral, Nectarine

REGION: Marung’a County


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Oostwind, Indonesia from DE ZEEUWSE BRANDING 

AROMA: Citrus fruits, Creamy, Spicy

REGION: Indonesia

PROCESSING: blend of 50% Fully washed and 50% Natural Processed

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Doi Pangkhon, Thailand from SCHOT

AROMA: Cedar, Cacoa, Spice

REGION: Thailand

ALTITUDE: 1250-1500m


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