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REGION - Parańa
PRODUCER - more than 20 framers combined in the Four Seasons Project
ALTITUDE - 450 to 1200 m.
VARIETY - Mainly Red & Yellow Bourbon
PROCESS - Pulped Natural & Natural
FLAVOR - Hazelnut, Black cherry, Chocolate


The Capricornio owes its name to the stars – and more specifically to the Tropic of Capricorn, under which the plantation is situated where this coffee is cultivated. Many would argue that this is as far from ideal as it is far from the equator. However, growing coffee berries in a less intense climate enables you to control key aspects of their environment, allowing the beans to develop the unique acidic quality we appreciate in this blend of red and yellow Bourbon berries.

The Capricornio can be described as soft, with notes of milk chocolate and walnuts – and comes with a sweetness hinting at raisins. A powerful espresso, exquisitely appropriate for making cappuccinos and lattes. Please note that we find this roast less suitable for making filter coffee. This is why we only roast it as an espresso grind.

Forming a conglomeration with 20 small farmers, owners Luiz Saldanha and José Antonio Rezende have revived the Brazilian Parańa region, which formerly produced low quantities of low-quality coffee. Over the years, they have managed to create a unique flavor while simultaneously developing innovations in terms of environmental sustainability, such as water-efficient processing and reducing CO2 emissions.

It is thanks to your taste for rare specialty coffee that these farmers can make a significant increase on their ordinary earnings, which enables them to develop their land further.