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Colombia’s wetter, more humid climate makes producing Naturals more difficult, making their clean and fruity, repeatedly large volume Naturals an extraordinary find.

Elmer & Juan Felipe Restrepo, the father and son team behind Finca Jardin & Finca Chambacu are re-envisioning coffee production in Chinchina. The rolling hills of Chinchina, Caldas, the third biggest coffee producer in Colombia after Pitalito in Huila and Planadas in Tolima, are home to bigger estates that mainly focus on high volume commercial quality production.

Elmer and Juan Felipe are redefining their coffee production with a hybrid approach. While they continue to devote a portion of farm to commercial production, they have been increasingly developing their specialty offerings and experimenting with new and varied processing styles.

Juan Felipe has taken the helm of the specialty aspect of the operation. He has been a passionate experimenter, developing countless processing protocols to enable him to bring out the best in the coffees from their 4 specialty plots

TASTING NOTES: Peach, cream yoghurt, maracuja

REGION: Cauca El Tambo

FARM: El Paraiso

PRODUCER: Diego Samuel Bermudez


VARIETY: Castillo

ALTITUDE: 1700 masl