Kianjiru. Kenya

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This seasonal coffee has a fruity, juicy body, with a fresh summery tonic vibe. It’s jam-packed with surprising flavour notes, such as currants (red and black!), caramelised hops and tonic.

Kianjiru comes from the farms of the Baragwi Cooperative Society, Kenya’s biggest coffee farming society.


  • Washing Station: Baragwi Farmers Co-operative
  • Producer: 1,500 smallholders
  • Region: Kirinyaga County
  • Varietal: SL-34, SL-28, Batian, Ruiru 11
  • Altitude: 1,600m – 1,800m
  • Process: Washed
  • Harvest Period: January – March
  • Flavours: Blackcurrant, honey, lemon, caramelised hops, tonic, red apple

Flavour profile

Kenyan smooth, seasonal favourite, Kianjiru, has an equally complex and intriguing flavour profile. Complex, because of its fruity and juicy body that somehow has a tonic-y vibe when it first hits your palate. Imagine what it feels like to drink a G&T but with coffee.

During the cupping, we were mesmerised by Kianjiru’s intriguing taste. It has so many different flavour notes! First, you’ll notice the summer-y flavours: blackcurrant, honey and lemon, which give it a little acidic tang and make you want to go outside and play. Then, these sweet flavours make way for more autumn-like notes, such as caramelised hops, red apple and redcurrant, which fit in seamlessly with that hazy, summer afternoon ambience. All in all, this is the perfect cup to bust out when you want to impress someone, whether it’s your date, your boss or your mom.