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Single-origin beans come from the same producer and the same crop, ensuring great uniformity across the harvest. Mr. Pitalito comes from the Colombian region of Huila, southeast of the Valle del Cauca region, where the famous city of Cali is located. The town of Pitalito, where Mr. Pitalito comes from is known for a range of best-in-class Colombian specialty coffees, given its positioning between the Central and Eastern mountain ranges.

The coffee beans come from an area where a number of smaller specialty farms started focusing on the craft around specialty coffee about two decades ago. The area produces some of Colombia’s finest specialty coffees, some of which score above the 85 mark. The area further represents a group of dedicated farmers, who receive the highest prices in the region, rewarding their attention to detail and high quality standards.

Where does Mr. Pitalito come from?
Country: Colombia
Region: Huila, south east of Valle del Cauca region, splitting the Central and Eastern mountain ranges
Bean sort: Arabica
Altitude: 1750 – 2100 m.a.s.l.

What we taste: Milk Chocolate, Sweet Tones, Dried Fruit, Round
Body: Medium/High
Acidity: Medium/High
Processing: Washed
Cupping Score: 84.5