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While visiting the coffee plantations in Indonesia, the Balinese coffee from the Kintamani mountains turned out to be the perfect bean for this collaboration with Syrco Bakker (Pure C **). In recent years, the Indonesian coffee scene has seen a shift with more farmers producing specialty quality coffee beans to meet the market demand for more refined quality coffee.

The founders of the Karana processing station, Rodney and Edi, process coffee produced in Kintamani, a region located on the west side of the active volcanic mountain Gunung Batur. The taste of this Kintamani coffee has improved enormously thanks to the better sorting and processing of the coffee berries, such as drying in specially designed drying racks. Often this drying process takes place outside, but the disadvantage of this is the effect that the weather can have on the process (such as temperature changes, rain, etc.). By building a greenhouse and letting the beans dry in it, Edi can better control the drying process, resulting in a cleaner coffee with clear, pronounced flavors.

The coffee is imported by Rob himself, from the processing station directly to the roaster, without middlemen: fair chain.

Roasting profile: Omniroast (suitable for both filter and espresso)
Processing: blend of 50% Fully washed and 50% Natural Processed