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Peru is back in our range! This time the Peru Lupuna: this bean shines not only because of its balanced profile and full body. But the way in which this bean is grown can certainly also be called radiant. Expect a special coffee that will tick all five flavors on your tongue. 

When selecting a coffee, there are several aspects that are high on our list of priorities. It goes without saying that taste is one of these priorities. But what is just as important to us is the way a coffee is grown. Giorgio of 7 Elements Peru is a pioneer in the field of fair trade coffee. He grows his coffee in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in Peru. Giorgio believes in a complete cycle of man and nature and therefore grows his coffee according to the 'permaculture' idea. A way in which nature is kept in balance.

REGION Tsachopen Oxapampa


VARIETY Caturra, Costarica95

HEIGHT 1,850 m