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Edwin and his wife Luz live high up in the mountains of the Huancayo province. At a staggering altitude of 2200 meters above sea level they live in a small village called Valle Pauran where they own a 2,5 hectare farm. It is a tiny micro climate between the cold and windy peaks of the Andes.

Having a background in agronomy he decided to focus on improving the quality of their coffee together with a small group of producers from this community. Being in such a  remote area, the high costs of transportation make selling their coffee against commercial market prices a waste of money. And with a flavour profile completely different than other coffees from the Selva Central, their coffee is truly unique.

The process involves selective picking of only the ripest cherries followed by an 48 hour dry fermentation. The coffee is washed with clean mountain water and dried on elevated drying beds.

This is the 3rd year we are buying the coffee from Edwin & Luz.


Country| Peru

Region | Valle Pauran

Producer| Edwin & Luz

Variety| Typica

Process | Washed