Rusatira - Rwanda

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A juicy, clean and round wet anaerobic coffee from Rwanda. Tasting notes of nougat, peach, red grape and green tea.

This natural Anaerobic is produced by Emmanuel Rusatira and comes from Fugi Washing Station which is located in the southern Nyaruguru District. During the wet natural Anaerobic process, the whole coffee cherry is fermented inside hermetically sealed tanks, filled with clean water. Thus, the coffee gets its elegant sweetness. This wet natural Anaerobic Project coffee was dried on drying beds that are part of our Quality Enhancement Project at Fugi Washing Station. As the drying process has a significant impact on cup profiles, this project aims to respond to challenges during the drying process, e.g. caused by climatic conditions, with the help of sheltered drying beds.

Wet Natural Anaerobic, Red Bourbon
Altitude of 1750m