Rwanda Abakundakawa

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Special Single Origin

Taste tones filter: Juicy , mandarin, floral, strawberry

Espresso flavor notes: Peach, jasmine, red fruit

Processing: crops / variety : French Mission Bourbon

Abakundakawa means; 'Those who love coffee'. The cooperative largely consists of female members who proudly process this quality coffee. This coffee is grown organically and is free of pesticides and pesticides. The Coffee Association is not certified organic (Skall) and is therefore not allowed to sell this product as certified organic. Of course that doesn't make it any less true ;)

Abakundakawa washing station owes its reputation for consistent, high quality coffee mainly to the Rwanda Cup of Excellence. The high quality standard ensures that the farmers receive a fair price for their coffee. The extra income that the Women's Project receives is reinvested in projects that benefit the women. Some of those projects relate to communal purchases of livestock and agricultural goods, until the most recent project; setting up a shelter for the children of the farmers.