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The East Timor Goulala Village coffee 73 is a lively, velvety coffee with a medium body that lasts for a long time. Tones of caramel.

East Timor is relatively unknown as a coffee country, but the history of East Timorese coffee dates back to the 18th century, when the Portuguese brought coffee beans to this small island. However, it is only recently that East Timor has started producing special quality coffee, their current product volume is less than 0.001% of the world production.

Our East Timor Goulala coffee is grown by coffee farmers in East Timor. Timor Goulala No.1 stands for specialty coffee produced by Goulala No.1 Group, which consists of 14 small farmers in the village of Goulala in East Timor.

They start harvesting coffee cherries in the morning and the harvest continues until 2 pm. After bringing the day's harvest to their home, the cherries are processed on the same day and after fermentation and washing process, the coffee beans are dried under the sun. Before this micro lot is exported, the beans go through 4 selection processes to minimize the risk of contamination from damaged beans and bring you the best quality coffee possible.