Ethiopia. Mohamed Ali

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The fruity flavours of natural processed Ethiopian coffee tastes like sunshine in a cup and work so well in espresso or as a filter.

Mohamed Ali grows coffee on the family plots inherited from his father. The coffee trees are growing at an altitude of 2000 meters inside a pristine forest. At such altitude the difference between day and night temperature is high, the process of cooling down at night and heating up through the day helps the coffee develop its great flavors. The forest is a unique agroforestry system and a protected nature reserve.

Thanks to the changes in Ethiopian legislation he is allowed and able to sell the coffee abroad without it being moved through the Ethiopian Coffee eXchange (ECX) in Addis Ababa.

With the help of our export partner Belco, Mohamed Ali was able to make great upgrades in the production process and is focusing on more in the near future. One of his key improvements is investing in selective manual picking and more raised beds for drying.

Country | Ethiopia

Region | Goma

Producer | Mohamed Ali

Variety | Heirloom

Process | Natural