Intimpa Organic. Peru

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Intimpa tastes every bit as exotic as you would expect. The sweetness of caramel and pears is followed by the tangy freshness of orange and round apple notes. Interesting fact: these coffee bushes have natural bodyguards in the evergreen Peruvian Intimpa trees that grow in the area and for which this coffee was named.

Flavour profile

Have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to roll around in a mountain of fluffy puppies or soft kittens? Or cute baby sloths? Well, this is your chance! Due to Intimpa’s sweet and intricate flavour profile and its thick mouthfeel, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by warm, furry animals who are trying to feed you their cuteness. Sweet caramel and pear notes are alternated with the tangy freshness of orange.

You’ll also notice some delectable plum and red apple notes. And, if you use this bean to create a frothy cappuccino, it’ll remind you of the famous Dutch delicacy, stroopwafels, which have a rich, sweet, caramel and cinnamonny taste. All in all, this cup will have you feeling warm and fuzzy all over and will definitely become a regular on your list of favourites.