Iron Lion from Ethiopia

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Roast type  omni 

Flavour notes Berries, melon and chocolate

Farm Daye Bensa Multi village lot Sidamo Bensa
Varietal regional landraces
Process natural
Cupping score 84

Iron Lion is the Natural community lot from Sidama Bensa. This community lot is the result of the progressing collaboration with Daye Bensa Coffee. Together, they focus on cup profile, consistency and quality.

Daye Bensa created this lot with an expressively juicy, fruity profile and a creamy chocolate notes at its base. Iron Lion lots is a feast of familiarity, truly coffee for the people.

The name Iron Lion links to the Song “Iron Lion Zion” from Bob Marley.

The song’s lyrics are directly related to Rastafarian beliefs. Zion is “the promised land”, in the song referring to Ethiopia. The lion refers to the Lion of Judah, representing Haile Selassie, the former Ethiopian emperor whom Rastafarians regard as their Messiah.

During his reign he fought for Independence, progress and peace. This is a real coffee off the rebels.