Kenya Oreti Honey. Filter

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Both the Oreti and Chania Estate farms are owned by the Harries family for several generations. It are the last two remaining medium-sized farms in Kenya and Boyce Harries is the 5th generation to manage the farms.
The farms are around 35 hectares each in size and another 80 hectares of indigenous forests planted to encourage biodiversity currently cover the two farms combined.

Today, over 50% of the Chania and Oreti farms are planted with Red Bourbon. The rest is a mix of Ruiru 11, K7, SL28, French Mission and the new Batian variety. The farms have a full-time staff of 40 persons, but employ up to 300 people during harvests to select and prepare the coffees. The farm has opened its own nursery school to take care of its employees’ children.

All the coffee is picked by hand and processed on site. Most are washed in the traditional Kenyan style, but Boyce also produces naturals and this stunning honey processed lot that was dried on African beds.

Country | Kenya
Region | Central Province
Producer | Oreti
Variety | SL28
Process | Red Honey

Brew Guide
The V60 brews a tasty “clean” coffee. This is a recipe for one cup and can be brewed with the 01 and 02 size brewer.

16 grams of coffee (filter grind)
250 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees °C)