Myanmar Ho Hwayt

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Tastes Like : Tamarind, Floral, Nectarine.
Roast : Light

This village lot Ho Hwayt from Myanmar is an above average tasty and special coffee, especially if you are crazy about slow/pour over coffees. The great concern of the affiliated coffee farmers and the microclimate in which they Growing coffee cherries gives the coffee a unique flavor profile that only this coffee has. A nice clean cup, but extremely sweet flavors such as tamarind and golden raisins are characteristic of this natural.

By drinking this future-proof coffee , you contribute to improving the living conditions of the coffee producers and their children.

Due to the introduction to specialty coffee and the support they receive for production in the form of training, many coffee farmers have already switched from the secret and risky production of opium to high quality natural coffee. This is only impact!

Want to know more about the story of this coffee and the impact you make by buying this coffee?


* Filter special, light roast
* Flavor profile: Tamarind, Floral, Nectarine
* Process: Natural
* Height: 1100 - 1600 mtrs.
* SCA score: 86.75