Uganda Kingha Collective Christmas Coffee

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Our traditional Christmas Coffee is from Uganda this year! It’s a wonderful coffee with tones of gingerbread and berries. The special designed packaging makes it a perfect gift for every coffee lover!

Kingha Estate is located in the remote south west, of Uganda, about 10 hours’ drive from Kampala. It also operates as a washing station for small scale farmers in the area. It’s located next to the national parks for gorillas and other game.

Kingha was started by Kingsley Griffin, originally from Canada, and he believes in giving back to the community that has given them so much. They do not use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides anywhere on their land, and generate 95% of their electricity from solar cells. They understand the importance of growing and processing coffee in harmony with local environment to ensure a sustainable and healthy future coffee supply.

This smallholder lot was selectively picked, sorted and washed with an extended fermentation lasting up to 120 hours. After that it was carefully dried on raised beds.

Country | Uganda

Region | South West

Producer | Kingha Collective

Variety | SL-14 / SL-28 / SL-34

Process | Washed

Brew Guide
The V60 brews a tasty “clean” coffee. This is a recipe for one cup and can be brewed with the 01 and 02 size brewer.

16 grams of coffee (filter grind)
250 grams of water (filtered and 95 degrees °C)